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What is it?

Upward Bound is a college preparatory program funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

It provides young students with the skills they need to be successful in college. Participants receive academic, personal, and cultural enrichment to prepare them for higher education.

The Upward Bound Program at South Plains College serves 70 students from six schools in Cochran, Hockley, Lamb and Terry Counties.

Upward Bound, a Trio Program fully funded by the US Department of Education , is a NO COST program to its participants.

How does it work?

The Upward Bound program has three main components: after-school tutoring, Saturday Academies and the Summer Residential Program.

After-school tutoring targets the academic aspect by providing individualized remedial or enrichment opportunities.

Saturday Academies allot additional time for further academic support as well as culturally enriching activities.

The Summer Residential Program brings Upward Bound students to the South Plains College campus to live for five weeks to participate in intensive academic and personal growth activities.

Services include:

  • Instruction in reading, writing, study skills, and other subjects necessary for success in education beyond high school
  • Academic, financial, and personal career counseling
  • Exposure to academic programs and cultural events
  • Tutorial services
  • Mentoring
  • Information on postsecondary educational opportunities
  • Assistance in completing college entrance and financial aid applications
  • Assistance in preparing for college entrance exams
  • Career Internships to expose participants to careers requiring a postsecondary degrees

Academic Year Component

Upward Bound Meets nine (9) Saturdays, September through May. Enrichment Classes include composition, literature, science, math, and foreign language. Tutorial assistance is provided as needed.

Upward Bound also sponsors cultural and social activities during the academic year. Additional special activities include a Self-Esteem Building activities, a College Fair, and a Career Fair. 

Summer Residential Component

A unique aspect of Upward Bound is the Summer Residential Component. Students live on the South Plains College Campus for the first summer semester.

Students attend classes in composition, literature, foreign language, science, and mathematics as well as additional electives. Many cultural, social, and recreational activities complete the summer plans.

The Summer Bridge program is also offered to participants who have graduated from high school and are accepted for a higher educational placement in the fall. Upward Bound pays for these students to take college courses for college credit that may be transferred to the college of their choice.

For more information about Upward Bound or other Trio programs go to U.S. Department of Education.